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Les Masques de Nyarlathotep

What looks to be a storyline for a CoC game, or something similar to it. Pretty nifty usage of text and old photos. I've included a loose English translation of the French under the cut.

What follows is a loose translation. Please forgive me for any errors as I am not a native speaker and am trying for contextual approximation rather than literal translation. When appropriate, I've used alternate translations to convey what I thought was closest to the English phrasing ("Eastern" for Orientale rather than "Oriental")

Title: Information [about] Masks of Nyarlathotep
Youtube Summary: Lots of information on the campaign

00:05 - Goodbye to New York
00:08 - ROGER CARLYLE, well known playboy, will depart from the Big Apple tomorrow for the Egyptian tombs. NEW YORK TIMES, 4 April 1919
00:20 - The Carlyle Expedition embarks for England
00:29 - Directed by the notorious play-boy multimillionaire Roger Carlyle, the Carlyle expedition embarks this morning for Southhamption on board the famous British steamship The Imperial Standard.
00:40 - Contrary to what had been announced, the expedition will conduct various research in London under the auspices of the Penhew Foundation, before carrying on Egyptian-wards next month. NEW YORK TIMES, 5 April 1919.
00:51 - The Carlyle expedition in Egypt
01:05 - Carlyle quits Egypt!
01:09 - According to Sir Aubrey Penhew, the principal members of the expedition are going to take themselves for a "well deserved rest" to Eastern Africa. The group leaves for "several days of relaxation after their travels in the sands." NEW YORK TIMES, 3 July 1919.
01:18 - Eminent visitors.
01:21 - Mombasa (Reuters) - The principal members of an American archaeological expedition are taking their vacation in this city. The group is pressing on tomorrow in the interior for a safari in the Nairobi region. NEW YORK TIMES, 24 July 1919.
01:46 - The Carlyle Expedition has gone missing!
01:47 - It is now two months that we have gone without news of the group comprised of the play-boy Roger Carlyle as well as three other American citizens and an eminent Egyptologist Sir Aubrey Penhew. NEW YORK TIMES, 15 October 1919.
01:55 - The massacre of the expedition confirmed.
01:58 - Nairobi (Reuters) - The massacre of the Carlyle expedition, long-past gone missing, has been confirmed yesterday by representatives of the territorial police. The authorities attribute the responsibility of these monstrous murders to some men of the Nandi tribe. NEW YORK TIMES, 24 May 1920.
02:19 - The murderers hung
02:22 - NAIROBI (Reuters) - Five men of the Nandi tribe, convicted of being the leaders of the grisly massacre of the Carlyle expedition, have been executed this morning after a rapid trial led skillfully. NEW YORK TIMES, 19 June 1920.
02:36 - The Masks of Nyarlathotep - 17 February


Jun. 13th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
Oh, yeah, so I was looking up the old "masks of Nyarlathotep" adventure for CoC (first published twenty years ago and repeatedly reissued) and it revolves around the Carlyles.
I should mention that I'm fairly certain that this is not the actually game session but background information that becomes available to the investigators, ie they're investigating the expedition, rather than on it.
Some people on the web wrote up their entire game session on that one in journal format, though that may be too dry to be of interest.

On a tangent, have you read T.E.D. Klein's "Dark Gods" anthology? All the stories are quite good and "Black man with a horn" is a Lovecraft tribute.
I'm not certain how available the book is, I picked mine up in a a strange little house that was being used for something else (I don't even remember what now, may have been a bed and breakfast) where they were keeping it in the sitting room. But simply asking for things works well when one is young and cute. Back then I was, though the latter worked better if people didn't know me.
Jun. 13th, 2007 05:04 am (UTC)
Man, this takes me back - I used to play CoC (4th and 5th editions), and I have to say this a very organized game session. I'm impressed by the amount of background they included. Generally speaking, though, I remember that the CoC people used to have a higher quality of gaming than some other systems I played.

I haven't read that anthology, but I've read that particular story - I think it was in my Cthulhu 2000 anthology. I liked it a lot, so I'll have to find "Dark Gods."

Ah, winsomeness. That's how I used to get books from a nutty old bookseller in CA for really cheap. He used to shelve them three deep, and pile them on the floor. And "the strange little house" sounds very Lovecraftian to me.
Jun. 13th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
Hrm... Sadly the only CoC items I was able to lay my hands upon was the d20 adaption, though in addition to the general book I have the Nocturne campaign.

Ah, well it's probably the best of the bunch, but all four are good. I actually bought a copy of Cthulhu 2000 and was surpised to find the overlap some many years back. I think that the others aren't directly set in the mythos, but they could easily exist in that kind of world.

Well, only if vaguely creepy kitsch decorations like somewhat satanic looking glowing red santa night light on the stairs, are Lovecraftian, though in abstract it actually does sound that way, especially since I picked up a creepy book from something other than an 'official' bookstore.
Jul. 11th, 2008 11:03 am (UTC)
He enjoyed telling her of his life, and was surprised to find that he had so much to tell, but what he enjoyed more was listening to her telling him.
Jul. 15th, 2008 05:38 am (UTC)
An interestingly enigmatic wake-up call.
My, I have been neglecting Livejournal, haven't I?
A pity, since Psychomachia's journal is a treasure trove that must be overflowing by now with wonders, given past performance.