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Dear Trick or Treat Writer

This is my first time doing this exchange, so I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for writing for me! [Note: Pasted wrong link to letter in sign-up - fixed it!]

DNWsCollapse )
Death Note (Movies)Collapse )

Fallout 4Collapse )

The GiftedCollapse )

Natsume YuujinchouCollapse )

Dear Darkest Night Writer,

Thank you for choosing one of my fandoms - this is my first time doing this exchange, so I'm really looking forward to whatever you choose to write!

DNWsCollapse )

MonsterCollapse )
Kado: The Right AnswerCollapse )
Yami No Matsuei | Descendants of DarknessCollapse )
Secret HistoryCollapse )

Dear Rare Male Slash Exchange Writer

So this letter is super late - just had a horrible week, so if you've already started writing, I apologize and I promise I'm not going to throw any curve balls. My wants are pretty much the same as what was in my sign-up - I really don't have major DNWs for these fandoms.

食戟のソーマ | Food Wars! Shokugeki no SomaCollapse )

Shattered (1991)Collapse )

Penny Dreadful (TV)Collapse )

Fallout 4Collapse )

Thank you for writing for me - once again, I'm sorry about the tardiness of this letter and I look forward to your story!

Dear Jukebox Writer

Dear Jukebox Writer,

I've never participated in this exchange before but I'm definitely looking forward to whatever you write for me, so thank you! I'm pretty flexible about everything - I love all sorts of genres, although I'm always partial to the more speculative/supernatural.

VarúðCollapse )

Running to the SeaCollapse )

Zombie ChristmasCollapse )

Skeletons in My ClosetCollapse )

You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You DeserveCollapse )

SaturnCollapse )

Yuletide 2017

Dear Yuletide (insert vaguely festive noun of your choice here)...

This is my 14th Yuletide and yet I'm just as excited as if it had been my first – it's the most wonderful time of the year after all. I'm delighted you picked one of my small fandoms – I'm pretty flexible about most things, including the prompts I've included, so I hope you feel free to write what makes you happy and inspired. Thank you!

General fandom notesCollapse )

Count of Monte CristoCollapse )
Scream of the WolfCollapse )

Sleeping BeautyCollapse )

Sword Art Online AbridgedCollapse )

Yuletide 2016

Dear Yuletide (insert vaguely festive noun of your choice here)...

I've been reading past Yuletide letters from me and other people and it's got me thinking – maybe it's finally time I overhaul mine. Not because of any displeasure with past gifts (I've been so happy to have had great writers every year) but because it's that time of year and I'm excited about Yuletide and I can obsess over politics or I can obsess over this.

General fandom notes and DNWsCollapse )

Count of Monte Cristo (2002)Collapse )

僕だけがいない街 | ERASEDCollapse )

影鰐 | Kagewani (Anime)Collapse )

金田一少年の事件簿N(neo) | Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo N (neo) (2014 TV)Collapse )

Subete ga F ni Naru | The Perfect Insider (TV)Collapse )

So if you're writing for me, thank you so much! I appreciate you taking on one of my fandoms and hope you find something that appeals to you.

Yuletide Assignment!

Call me genuinely surprised - but pleased - this year by my assignment. I will say it was a fandom I added on the last day of sign-ups solely based on the letter writer's prompts, which sounded awesome!

Yuletide 2015

Dear Yuletide (insert vaguely festive noun of your choice here)...

Thank you so much for offering to write one of my fandoms! This is my 12th Yuletide, but it never fails to fill me with glee when it rolls around so thank you for being a part of it!

You can check out my previous letters on this journal for a general idea on what I like - quick summary: not a big fan of the "rocks fall, everyone dies" ending but feel free to add non-excessive angst when needed; I love dark humor, scary moments, and just plain strangeness; I'm not picky on structure, style, or narrative viewpoint as long as it works for the story. Gen, het, and slash are all fine; be as explicit or as subtle as you want.

I'll also add that I'm fine with both happy and unhappy endings if they make sense for the story. I enjoy canon, but I appreciate AUs quite a bit - all of my requests this year have room to play around in.

Northwest SmithCollapse )

Ripley Series - Patricia HighsmithCollapse )

京極夏彦 巷説百物語 | Kyōgoku Natsuhiko Kōsetsu Hyaku Monogatari | Requiem from the Darkness (Anime)Collapse )

K (Anime)Collapse )

12:30 AM and 9:00 PM
The Amityville Horror (1979) [Encore Classic]

Watch the original before the next film in the series comes out to terrify you with the tale of people who keep making bad real estate choices. Honestly, most of these horror movies boil down to "Oh, crap, we bought a house with ghosts/demons/an unfinished basement and asbestos pipes, but we must stay in it because of finances/family issues/ill-defined vague reasons that cause us to use Ouija boards instead of getting the hell out."

3:15 AM
State of Emergency [Showtime Showcase]

Another entry in the low-budget independent horror movie featuring zombies oeuvre. Could be good, could be bad, most likely features nothing you haven't really seen before.

8:30 AM and 2:30 PM
Jaws 3 [Independent Film Channel]

Sharks in 3D! Take that, Sharknado! Or don't, because this movie is accidentally terrible instead of deliberately so. But hey, if you like Dennis Quaid and you're fond of things being randomly shoved in front of your face to prove how awesome certain special effects, then this is the movie for you.

11:20 AM and 11:05 PM
Amityville 3-D [Encore Classic]

The unholy combination of crappy 3D and stupid Amityville movies comes together to produce this piece of dreck in which... you know, what, it doesn't really matter. It's haunted, people are stupid, and there's a banister that keeps making inexplicable appearances.

10:00 PM
Aliens [Sundance]

Sundance enters the Halloween movie game with the awesome film featuring badass Sigourney Weaver, a bunch of marines, and some very slimy xenomorphs.

5:00 PM
7:00 PM
Time of Their Lives
8:30 PM
The Canterville Ghost
10:15 PM
A Place of One's Own [Turner Classic Movies]

But of course, the clear champion every Halloween is always TCM with their themed nights and tonight is "Ghost Stories." The first three are classic comedies, but I'm most intrigued by the last, since it seems like a fairly obscure, but lovely little movie.